What Creation Teaches

Before you even begin to examine the Bible’s instruction on manhood, consider what you can learn from creation itself.


Not all that long ago, before current conveniences came along, regular, daily life required toughness, stamina and muscle. Hunting wasn’t a sport; it was the equivalent of a grocery-store run. Naturally, the more strenuous work went to those who were taller, heavier and stronger: that is, men. The man’s native capacities for greater strength, speed, and endurance made him the logical choice for building, protecting, providing, and fighting. His more powerful frame and voice also contributed to making him the natural leader in relationships with women.


The fact that human reproduction requires one man and one woman naturally brings men and women into close relationships and family life. And because the woman carries new life, gives birth and nurses the young, she is the natural fit for responsibilities that flow from these biological realities.


Throughout history, proper division of labor between the sexes simply made sense. And as men and women have assumed duties consistent with these differences, they have knowingly or unknowingly harmonized with the intent of the Maker of male and female.


However, if these aspects of creation are our only source for understanding our purpose, other problems inevitably arise. For example, the fact that a man’s part in reproduction ends biologically at conception has allowed untold numbers of blinded men to abandon the offspring they beget. Men’s physical dominance has led many men to abuse women rather than protect them which is another example of strength spent in vain.


These are just a few of the many reasons of why it is so critical to also have the special revelation of Scripture, which reveals, for example, a man’s God-given responsibilities to marry, cleave to, and provide for the woman who becomes mother of his children, to actively care for and guide the offspring he begets, and to defend his wife and children from harm rather than posing a threat to them himself.


Today’s society, however, has also rejected the biblical revelation on this subject. Thus, for most people, God’s purposes in creating the sexes are an utter mystery. Distinctions between male and female seem arbitrary, so arbitrary, in fact, that many people have essentially come to view them as interchangeable. It is now common in society for the public to consider gender more a matter of choice than of actual biology. Society is conducting a set of radical experiments on marriage, family, gender, and sex that attempt to overturn thousands of years of tradition and true wisdom. Nothing reflects the utter confusion about why male and female like the mainstreaming of homosexuality, transgenderism, gender fluidity and related trends.


The consequences of this confusion are disastrous. But society, unwilling to admit this obvious reality, is accelerating in its flight from reason and good sense along with its ever growing rejection of God’s truth. You can choose a saner path.



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