How to Study this Topic

To fulfill any job, you must be educated in your responsibilities. The more challenging the job, the more effort you need to devote to that education, typically on an ongoing basis, continually striving to get better.


This is absolutely true of your job as a man and perhaps the most challenging job God gives you! You hold the office of a Christian man, the office of a friend, the office of a boyfriend or husband, the office of a father, even those of brother and son. Do you know what God expects you to do with that position? Whether or not you study it, you are responsible for fulfilling it!


Because of the inescapable spirit of this age, you may not feel like studying Godly manhood. Nevertheless, biblical manhood is a subject every man needs to study. Satan has ravaged manhood to the point that each of us is in danger of losing it! But God still offers you this truth!


If you don’t find yourself excited about it, study it anyway. Because God is excited about it. Study it and He will give you His excitement! It will even excite you lady’s as you come to understand true Godly manhood and furthermore shaping, reshaping, and/or setting that Biblical standard in your relationships of the male population (family, friends, and the most important: your life partner).


The things written here is an excellent start. It can kindle or stoke the fire in you. You will receive great joy and pleasure from it. You will want to consult it regularly for inspiration, guidance, correction, and precious truths on what manhood really means.


The information in the following posts will be organized into seven sections, built around seven distinct roles God intends a man to fulfill. Each section contains several chapters detailing specific aspects of each role. A number of short biographies are interspersed throughout of great men in the Bible who exemplified aspects of manhood worthy of aspiration and emulation.


You will gain a lot by reading this entire category from beginning to end; however, each post contributing to the chapters and mini-biography stands alone. Study the Table of Contents and feel free to jump to any portion that speaks to a challenge you face at the moment. If you are having trouble connecting with your teenage daughter, for example, you might want to go straight to “Be Your Daughter’s Hero.” If you are married to a woman with whom you are at odds because of your religion, read the up coming “Lead Her Spiritually,” and pay particular attention to the material after the subhead “When You Are Not Her Spiritual Head.”


As you study this subject of manhood and grow in understanding, it is crucial that you resist any tendency to grow discouraged. Yesterday’s mistakes are past. Have a positive approach to what God can do with you today and tomorrow. Always view those areas where you can improve as opportunities. Nourish a vision of the man God wants to help you become. Allow that vision to stir a fire within your heart, a flame of resolve, a determination to become a better man. What matters is growth “steady improvement,” however slow, however incremental. The more progress you make, the greater rewards you will reap, the more personal satisfaction you will gain, and the greater blessing you will be to all the people around you.


Men, we must allow God to shape us, to forge us into instruments strong enough to lead strong families, to give confidence to women, to give stability to children, and to give solidity to society.


This is what God wants. This is how we were created. This is literally what we were born to do: to grow up, achieve, mature, and embrace the role that our masculine minds and bodies were designed for.


This is the elusive solution, hiding in plain sight if your is Bible is already open; to our manless society. It’s not about getting back to the traditions of yesteryear. It’s about embracing how we were created. Discover that, live that, and you will be embarking on a life full of growth, challenge, fulfillment, and happiness built on knowing what it really means to be a man.


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