Reaping What We Have Sown

The problems associated with the disappearance of strong male leadership are everywhere in America and other English-speaking nations along with the world at large.

Modern education is increasingly sacrificing intellectual excellence on the altar of anti-masculine liberal ideology. Students are embracing ridiculous utopianist notions that absolve them of personal accountability. Like spoiled children, they blame their personal failings on a supposedly unfair and unjust world rather than growing up and taking responsibility for themselves.

The loss of masculine wisdom, righteousness, honor, and virility has hollowed out the strength of the world’s most powerful militaries and economies. America’s military is plagued by weakness of will. Political correctness has become the priority over effectiveness and victories. Sex integration has gone so far that women are now purposefully sent into combat situations. Many strong warriors and military leaders have left the forces in disgust at the changing policies.

Our governments are plagued with immaturity and selfishness. Vicious divisions prevail, and politicians increasingly express heedless criticism, blind bias, unabashed arrogance, and open hatred for their opponents. Politicians approach their responsibilities like spiteful children. In America the political atmosphere has become so hostile and the government is so paralyzed by division that it is killing the government’s ability to manage crises. Our leadership is incapable of acting wisely and decisively on important security, defense, foreign-policy, economic, and social concerns. Meanwhile, law and order are giving way to social breakdown, racial hatred, and criminal activity.

This weakness domestically is undercutting America’s global leadership role. Like Great Britain before it whom will always be a foreshadow to The United States, the power that has been used to benefit the world for decades is being squandered through poor decision-making and leadership. Tyrants are filling the void. America’s weakness is enabling the rise of Iran and radical Islam, a belligerent Russia, an ascendant China, and other dangerous and unpredictable powers. The instability seizing today’s world can be traced directly back to America’s retreat which is a result of the disappearance of Godly men.

Disappearing masculinity, which many view as a minor cultural or societal issue, has truly real world consequences for you, your family, your finances, your health, your future, and even your very security!

Decades of Godless living are taking their toll. We are reaping what we have sown. Unless we return to the Bible’s Wisdom, men will continue to flounder. Boys will grow up aimless, uninterested in filling a constructive role within families, communities, and nations.



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